Terms and Conditions

The present contest “The Great Escape by Globant” (the “Contest”) is organized by Sistemas Globales S.A. (“Globant Argentina” or the "Organizer"). The contest is governed by the terms and conditions set forth in this document (the "Terms"), which can be accessed at https://globantescapegame.com/about-us/terms-and-conditions/.

The winner of the contest from LATAM & US locations will choose to travel to one of the two editions of Converge 2020 conference organized by Globant, which will take place in New York City, Madrid, Mexico City, and Bogota. The information on this event is available on the website: converge.globant.com and convergelatam.globant.com. The winners from India will get a chance to attend Converge 2020 at Madrid, Spain.

  1. Acceptance of Terms

The participation in the contest is subject to the compliance and the acceptance by the Participants of the Terms. 

  1. Conditions to become a Participant

The individuals that can participate in this Contest (the “Participant” or plural, the “Participants”) must meet the following requirements (the “Requirements”): 

a. Be 18 years old or older. 
b. Live or have permanent residence in one of the cities were Globant has offices in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, and India. 
c. Have availability to travel from their country to any of the locations where Converge is planning. 
d. Have obtained all the necessary documentation in order to travel to the United States or any other country where Converge will take place, i.e. a valid passport and consular VISA to enter the United States or any other country you choose, as well as any additional and mandatory requirement applicable to the Participant’s home country.
e. Comply with all other requirements established in these Terms. 
f. Identify another person to share the prize with (your “partner”), who meets requirements 1 to 5. If you are currently working at Globant, your partner should not be an employee of the company.

  1. Term of the Contest

The Contest will initiate in December 2019 and will end in February 2020 (from now on, the “Term”). After the Term expires, any further “actions” will not be taken into account for the purpose of determining the winner of the Contest. 

  1. Participation Mechanism

To participate in the Contest, the Participant must complete all the challenges correctly at www.globantescapegame.com. By completing this form the Participant accepts these terms and conditions established. Lack of or inaccurate information disclosed in the form will be sufficient reason to disqualify the Participant from the Contest at any time. 

  1. Requirements to become Winners

To be selected as the Winner of this Contest, Participants must: 

(i) Comply with the conditions needed to be a Participant, set forth in these Terms. 

(ii) Subscribe all the documentation required by the Organizer to travel, including, but not limited to: a) acknowledgment of all the potential risks -for himself and/or his personal belongings- involved when traveling by plane, b) disclaimer of liability to the Organizer in connection with any damage that the Participant may suffer as a result of or during the trip; c) an affidavit stating that he/she is in physical condition to perform the trip; d) an authorization to the Organizer to provide medical treatment should it be necessary during the trip; e) Photo release Waiver. 

(iii) In the case the Organizer requires it, the Participant will need to deliver a medical certificate stating that he/she is in good condition to perform the trip and/or undergo a routine medical examination; 

Participants that do not comply with the conditions set forth in these Terms, cannot be selected as winners and in the case, they were selected by the Jury, they will automatically become disqualified. 

The organizer reserves the right to evaluate the fulfillment of these requirements in its sole discretion and, eventually, if it is resolved by the Organizer that the Participant does not meet the requirements of these Terms, the selected Participant will automatically be disqualified from the Contest. 

  1. No obligation to purchase

To participate in this Contest, there is no obligation of purchase or payment. 

  1. Award

The award (the “Award”) for the participants in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and the US consists of a trip for the winning couple (two people) to Converge 2020. The winning couple will receive 1 (one) airplane ticket per person from the nearest airport to the city that they choose (New York City, Madrid, Bogota, Mexico City), hotel lodging for her/his stay in the country, transfers from/to airports and medical insurance. 

The award (the “Award”) for the participants in India consists of a trip for the winning couple (two people) to Converge Madrid 2020. The winning couple will receive 1 (one) airplane ticket per person from the nearest airport from Pune to the city of Madrid, hotel lodging for her/his stay in the country, transfers from/to airports and medical insurance. 

Award stock: One (1) award. To his exclusive criteria, the Organizer may increase the number of Winners and the number of Awards. The Award is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged by cash money or other goods or awards. Any tax that becomes applicable to the Winner as a result of the Award or expense that the Winner must incur in, in relation to the Award will be in charge and the responsibility of the Winner. 


Globant will announce the Winner's name and will organize the trip with the Winner. 

In order to receive the Award, the Winner must present a national ID card to the Organizer, and sign a receipt stating that he receives the Award to his satisfaction. He must also have all the necessary documentation to travel and comply with all the requirements established in the enclosed Terms and conditions. If by any circumstance/reason the Winner cannot or will not accept his Award, the Award will remain in the possession of the Organizer, who will decide by its exclusive criteria its destination. 

Globant will not pay for expenses, damages or losses caused to the Participants or any third parties, or their belongings, due to or during the use of the Award. Globant will not be responsible for the required documentation to travel to Manhattan, New York, United States of America or the costs thereof. 

Participants and Winner authorize Globant, by participating in the Contest, without need to execute any additional documentation, to use their name and image and publish them in any media, whether television, graphic, Internet or any other media, whether in connection with the Contest and/or in connection with the Globant brand, for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months from the end date of the Contest. The Participants and Winner will not have the right to claim any compensation for the use of its name and image in accordance with these Terms. The organizer may also ask the winner to participate in a video related to the Contest and/or the trip, whether before the trip, during the trip or after the trip (the "Activation"). 

When unforeseen circumstances so warrant, Globant may cancel, suspend or modify these Terms and/or the Contest, communicating that fact by the same media by which they were disclosed. Any matter not covered by these Terms shall be settled by Globant Argentina, without prejudice to the rights which by law Participants attend. 

  1. Interpretation

Globant reserves the right to interpret these Terms at its sole discretion. Any situation that may arise in relation to the Contest and is not expressly addressed by these Terms, shall be addressed solely by Globant Argentina in consideration with applicable law. 

This Contest shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each party shall bear its own costs of litigation, including court costs and legal fees, without regard to the outcome of the litigation. 

  1. Personal data

The Organizer, with a place of business at 240 Ing. Butty St., 6th Floor, C1001AAD, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, respects the rights of the Participants in this contest to the protection of personal data, which are covered by the Personal Data Protection Law No. 25.326 (the “Data Protection Law”). The database is the responsibility of the Organizer in accordance with the Data Protection Law. The Participant that desires to delete, access, update, or correct any personal information held by the Organizer as a result of the Contest, must request it in writing to the address mentioned above. Any omission or inaccuracy in the data supplied by the Participant shall disqualify the Participant and consequently, such Participants will lose its ability to participate in the Contest. The owner of the personal information held by the Organizer in connection with this Contest is entitled to exercise the right of accessing it with no charge once every six months unless a legitimate interest is provided in accordance to the Data Protection Law, in which case it might request access to the information more frequently.